With the increase in online shopping during the pandemic, scammers are trying to find a way to use the trend to their advantage.

That's why the Better Business Bureau is warning people about a recent Amazon scam.

The BBB says people are posing as Amazon employees and making calls, claiming something went wrong with an account or order, then asking for personal information. The BBB says this is fake.

Amazon says it will never ask for sensitive information over the phone, or for payments to be made outside of its website.

A representative from the Better Business Bureau says the best thing you can do is hang up and check your account yourself. 

"They're relying on you being very scared when you get that call saying your card has been charged or your account frozen. You want to just make sure that, you want to go to the legitimate website, don't call any number that called you, don't call a number that they give you, do your own research, make sure your account is okay and then change your passwords," Melanie McGovern, BBB of Upstate NY communications director, said.

The BBB says if you get a suspicious call or email you should report it to Amazon's customer service and they will investigate.