Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh formally announced his bid to lead the Salt City for another four years at the Westcott Theater Monday.

Walsh, who will once again run as an Independent, pointed to his continued work on the Syracuse Surge initiative, as well as the progress that the city has made despite the challenges of the pandemic.

"Make no mistake, we have a lot of work to do; a lot. Which is why I'm so excited to be running for re-election, because I need every one of those eight years to accomplish every one of those things that we, and I, set out to do," said Walsh.

Two Syracuse common councilors are vying for the Democratic nomination to run against Walsh. Michael Greene has been endorsed by the Onondaga County Democratic Committee, and Khalid Bey is challenging him in the primary.

The city's Republican party has chosen Janet Burman as its candidate. She ran in the 53rd District state Senate race in 2018, but lost to Democrat Rachel May.

Libertarian Thomas Babylon will also be running. Babylon has served as an Assistant Corporation Counsel for the City of Syracuse for almost ten years.