The work never stops for Dedrea DiCastro. She’s on a mission to help senior citizens get vaccinated.

Her efforts began when she realized how difficult it was to secure vaccines for her family members.

What You Need To Know

  • Dedrea DiCastro says she has helped more than 400 people

  • DiCastro started her efforts after realizing how difficult it is to set up appointments for her family members

  • DiCastro has received many gifts from people she has helped

“It’s like you’re trying to get that last concert ticket and there’s only 10 available; the best concert ticket out there,” DiCastro said.

A neighbor found out and by word of mouth, not social media, DiCastro says her name spread. Working during the day and until the early morning hours, she says she’s helped more than 400 people.

“These people have overwhelmed me,” she said. “I cry at the emails that they send. I cry when they call and tell me their story. It’s very touching.”

DiCastro stays at home to care for her mother-in-law, and as her list of requests grew, so did her number of helpers. It became a family effort, including her cousin and husband.

“I couldn’t do it without their support,” DiCastro said.

She’s received countless gifts of gratitude, including presents and pictures. Shirley Archer-Garcia is one of the people who sent DiCastro gifts. She, her husband, and aunt were all helped by DiCastro.

“She’s a total stranger to me, and my husband, and my aunt, and she went out of her way to help us and there’s not very many people willing to help, and we just happen to have her in the City of Rome. And thank God we have them,” Archer-Garcia said.

“They took care of us, so it’s now time for us to take care of them, the elderly. That’s [where] my mindset comes from,” DiCastro said.

DiCastro credits her giving spirit to the way her parents raised her.