Fiona Barbour Day and Roxanne Broda-Blake met in high school, but it wasn’t until they reconnected years later that they realized how much they had in common.

What You Need To Know

  • Fiona and Roxanne host “Whisk Takers,” a podcast centered around baking

  • New episodes come out every two weeks

  • The two run Pies the Limit, a sweet and savory pie shop located inside the Salt City Market

“It was a kind of lunch date that I felt energized by instead of going ‘well, that was a task,’ ” Barbour Day says, remembering the pair’s reunion.

“It was long, too, like several hours, I think,” Broda-Blake adds. “After that it was like, ‘when Fiona comes to Syracuse, we’re gonna bake together,’ and it went from there.”

They joke that starting a podcast together was inevitable.

“Everyone is given a podcast,” Barbour Day says, “one to listen to and one to do the day they’re born as a millennial.”

Fulfilling their generational duty, the two set up a mic and started talking about baking. “Whisk Takers” started in 2019, around the same time Fiona was working on her application for the Salt City Market. Throughout that process, she leaned on her co-host for advice.

Roxanne finally joined in full-time in the fall of 2020, and now the two are serving hundreds of pies each day. Even with a restaurant to manage, they still put out a podcast every two weeks.

To listen for yourself, you can find Whisk Takers on Apple Podcasts or the Whisk Takers' website.