COVID-19, economic recovery, and police reform top the list in Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow's 2021 State of the City address. Barlow says they’ll continue to work hard to stop the spread of the virus. 

To thank front-line workers, he’s launching the “Heroes as Neighbors” programs and hopes it will encourage them to live in Oswego. The city will partner with Pathfinder Bank to cover the closing cost of the sale of a home for frontline workers, first responders, and active military members.

To boost the economy, Barlow says they’ll continue transforming and eventually reopen the Waterfront area, such as the newly renovated Wright’s Landing Arena.

They’ll also break ground this spring on a $9 million project to remodel the International Pier into an interactive boardwalk with public dock access, and name it after former Mayor William Cahill. 

“The city of Oswego has for decades failed to fully capitalize on our waterfront and natural assets. In 2021, that changes as we use our waterfront to our advantage and capitalize on the natural resources we’re so fortunate to have right here in our own backyard," said Barlow.

Barlow says they’re also in the middle of developing a police re-imaging plan to bring police officers closer to the community. It will include modern training programs, placing more officers on foot and bike patrols, and incorporating mental health counselors to co-respond to calls.​