The Spiedie Fest may have been cancelled for this year, but Otsiningo Park is playing host to something a bit different.

For the first time in ten years, Broome County will host the Festvial of Lights, spreading a bit a cheer when the community needs it the most.

Setting up Otsiningo Park for a drive-thru Festival of Lights wasn't as easy as it may have seemed. Liz Woidt's team at the parks department spent weeks making sure everything was possible on the techinical side.

"Our crew luckily is very talented between parks and public works to where they could set up electricity to all parts of the park where we didn't have it before. A lot of it you'll see it above ground because we had to keep safety in mind," said Liz Woidt, Broome County Parks, Recreation & Youth Services director.

Pulling off a show like this takes help from the entire community. Jesse Ramil is one of a handful of Binghamton High School football players who lended his time. He and his team helped assemble the lights one by one.

Ramil says he's proud to give something back to the community.

"It's kind of a proud feeling that we did something that everyone's going to be able to enjoy once Christmas comes around, so it's a good thing to do," said Jesse Ramil, Binghamton High School Senior.

The event is drive-thru only but Woidt says this is the perfect event for families. While Otsiningo Park didn't play host to the Spiedie Fest this year, she hopes these lights will boost the community's spirit.

"Obviously we had to change it completely this year to where it's now in for format of a light show but they do so much for the community. The fact that we missed out on it in August, we're so excited to bring this event to Otsiningo Park," said Woidt.

Delta Engineers and 40 area businesses helped make it possible.

For Ramil, whose football season was put on hold, this is the perfect event to bring his teammates together. Just like on the gridiron, they can now watch their hard work pay off.

"It's been a lot of weekends spent working here but it's all going to look good when it's finished," said Ramil.