Clear Path for Veterans is going to be able to get back to serving lunch to veterans thanks to a major grant.

The organization was previously offering canteen lunches, which were put on hold when the pandemic started. With this grant, they now have the money to buy a food truck. While the lunches will not resume as perviously offered in-house, the organization will be able to take food services on the road with the new truck.

Chobani has donated close to $70,000 to help the foundation take their mission mobile. It will also allow them to reach even more veterans within the 23 counties they serve.

"It also allows us to bring staff, such as our peer team and our wellness folks, so they can inform the community on the extra services we can provide, while also delivering a nice meal in the community," said Clear Path for Veterans Executive Director Alexander Behm.

Clear Path also plans to bring the truck to places like Chobani, where they will sell their food and make sure it is a self-sustaining operation.