With a drop in the temperature, rodents like mice and rats may be looking for ways to get inside your home.

What You Need To Know

  • The temperatures are dropping which means small rodents will use every chance they can get to try to get inside our homes

  • You can get an exterminator to check for small holes or gaps or you can do a self-check of your home

  • Keeping food stored in Tupperware rather than leaving it somewhere it's easily accessible is also a good idea

  • It's never a bad idea to call an exterminator to get a home assessment

Brad Vivacqua went on the job with an exterminator from Gannon Pest Control and found out more about what we can do. 

Will Viel is an expert when it comes to protecting a home or business from small rodents. The exterminator makes around 10 stops a day to ensure pesky visitors like mice and rats aren’t invading your space.

We followed Will as he hustled through an auto repair shop, replenishing an oat and berry poisonous bait that may lure an unwanted guest in.  

“Making sure all the baits are good. They’re fresh, they haven’t been chewed on or anything like that. And, it’s good to have them in place right now because as it’s starting to get cold; they’re going to come in, so that way there’s something in place for them to take care of them as they come,” said Gannon Pest Control Exterminator Will Viel.

Will does general inspections on the in and outside of homes for any small holes or areas where a rodent may try to get in, as well.

The fall is a time when more homeowners take comfort knowing they’re doing all they can to keep rodents away. Rodents can cause structural damage to a home as they use their teeth for gnawing things like wires, pipes, and gas lines.

Being proactive ourselves by doing things like sealing up holes or cracks can help keep them away.

“You want to get those sealed up. You want to put your animal’s foods in Tupperware bins where they can’t get into them.  It’s safe to do that with anything in your pantry too like flours, sugars, stuff like that,” said Viel.

From a quick inspection to a job requiring lots of work -- every site can be different. Since we just never know when an unwanted guest may make an unexpected visit, it doesn’t hurt to be ready.

For more tips on how to keep rodents out of the home, you can visit gannonpestcontrol.com.