The sport of bowling is an ever-changing game thanks to new technology.

What You Need To Know

  • Liverpool native Tony Hamlin is a wiz in Flamingo Bowl's Pro Shop after receiving training on drilling new bowling balls

  • Tony has always been passionate with the game since he was a kid and is also a great bowler

  • He's always willing to learn and stay up with new technology as the game is constantly changing

There's improved equipment, different lane conditions, and a new generation of bowlers enjoying the game today.

Tony Hamlin, 27, knows quite a bit when it comes to the cover stock, core, and the weight of a modern bowling ball. You can find Tony in Flamingo Bowl's Pro Shop just about every day.

From measuring and drilling to plugging and repairing — he puts his heart and soul into helping bowlers find the perfect bowling ball.

"One of the best ways to know what to recommend to someone is to actually have used it yourself. But then there's also YouTube, there's countless bowlers who will go and make ball reviews," said Flamingo Bowl Pro Shop Employee Tony Hamlin.

Since he was little, Tony has always been an avid bowler. His father Jack has been the owner of Flamingo in Liverpool for several years. Tony has not only learned a great deal from his dad, but he's developed a passion for learning about the evolution of the game.

"He's an excellent bowler. He is becoming an excellent pro shop operator. And, he's had the opportunity to work with the general manager here some in learning all aspects of this business," said Flamingo Bowl Owner Jack Hamlin.

Technology has altered the game over the years while the popularity of the sport has gradually diminished nationwide.

"Back in the day, some of our old timers, I've listened to them tell stories and there was no such thing as open bowling, there were leagues from open til' close," Tony said. 

The days of packed leagues and crowded lanes are in the past, but there's still plenty of interest in the game itself. Meanwhile, it's guys like Tony Hamlin who will continue to help modernize the game and keep a new generation of bowlers interested for years to come.

Tony recently completed a pro shop course in Pennsylvania where he learned how to improve on drilling mechanics for new bowling balls.