In the 80s, Anibal Rosario started producing music in his home of the Dominican Republic, working for others. Then, in 1993, he started his own band: Zafra Negra.

When Rosario takes a trip down memory lane with his daughter, he tells of the band’s success over the years playing all throughout Central America, making multiple records, and going platinum and gold in their first year.

Rosario played the piano in the band, but he also plays the trumpet, tuba, and drums. If you sit down with him, he’ll dust them off and show you he’s still got it.

Rosario was introduced to Central New York when Zafra Negra traveled to Syracuse twice to perform. Now, he calls Central New York home.

While Syracuse is not the same as Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic, he says he loves the people here. And he continues to make music, to bring his home, his heritage, and his roots to Central New York.