Business has changed in the last six months for Ammiel Fernandez.

His company 2 U Tec went from technology security to technology keeping businesses and schools healthy.

By simply plugging in a Go Safe unit, Ammiel has now given touchless health screenings, temperature checks, mask requirements, facial recognition, and A.I. technology to a local company: McIntosh Pallets.

“We’ve done a bunch of things like masks, temp taking, social distancing, and it’s not easy. We have all those on top of all the business obligations, but we have to do it. So this is one of those tools that just makes it easier for us to be able to do that,” said Director of IT & Operations at McIntosh Pallet Shane Stockhauser.

McIntosh is not alone in wanting a touchless health screening option. Schools are also looking for new technology to answer new problems. 

“They can quickly do this with a kiosk. And each student can be screened in one to three seconds,” said Fernandez, account manager at 2U Tec.

Districts like Cazenovia, Lafayette, North Syracuse Central School District, as well as schools downstate, will have these quick scan kiosks for students as they come back to school.

Eventually, they hope to have this new technology on the school buses. But for now, this is a new safety check as people walk right in the door.

“It essentially it takes a really cool temperature and it can do it with a hard hat, glasses with hats on. It has the ability to do it with an ocular perspective here. To scan just above your eyebrows, all the way to scanning your actual forehead,” said Fernandez. 

This non-invasive technology is moving forward to keep children safe, helping businesses and schools to re-open.