In the sport of hockey, Jasmine is not exactly your average strength and conditioning coach. First, she's never actually played the sport at a competitive level. 

Secondly, she's the only black female in all of Division I hockey. 

For Jasmine, it's been constantly proving herself in a male-dominated sport and profession. 

Since COVID-19, she's turned her house into a home gym so she can practice her workouts set-up for players. 

But Jasmine has a side of her that most people do not know about. Something, not even her players know. 

Jasmine took Spectrum News Reporter John Johnson into one of her past-times that she has enjoyed for over 20 years.

Jasmine is a video game player, and a very good one at that. Jasmine happens to be part of a growing industry of women who enjoy the video game world.

According to USA Today, two-thirds of adults play video games. Of the two-thirds, 46 percent of the players are women.