The pandemic has created many challenges especially when it comes to kids learning. Luckily, Redhouse Arts Center is able to provide education through the arts. Their summer program is helping kids socialize and apply their creativity in a safe environment.

What You Need To Know

  • Redhouse offers summer camp programs weekly or biweekly

  • Staff keep groups small and will add-on sections for more kids that sign-up

  • Kids are adhering to CDC guidelines by wearing masks and social distancing

“The theatre that I was doing was online, and online theatre is not fun,” said Lauren Ventura, 13. “When I heard that Redhouse was having in person program, I was so happy!”

Happiness that hasn't been felt recently because of COVID-19 restrictions.

But a new summer camp is changing that.

“We do provide child services, which makes that an essential component of what we do,” said Redhouse executive director Samara Hannah.

Programs are already in full-swing, and will run till the end of August, changing weekly or bi-weekly.
Groups are made up of around 10 kids and more than 100 kids have signed up for one or more different classes.

“We are also finding that bringing them here and giving them that immersive experience where they are learning with their peers. We tend to forget how young people need that social component to learning,” said Hannah.

For kids who are familiar with theatre, this year is much different.

They’ve had to learn how to act while adhering to social distancing and mask wearing.

“It’s definitely more difficult because projecting is a lot harder. You can’t use this part of your face, so you have to be bigger with your eyes and bigger with your hands to tell the story,” said Ventura.

The kids are getting ready for their final show. 

Although they're sad that’s it ending, most say they are grateful for the experience. 

“I feel like not a lot of people are going to get to say that during a global pandemic I did a two week show,” said  Tristan Bradley, 12.

The kid’s final performance will be live streamed to the community. 

You can help Redhouse continue offering art programs on their website.