After about 10 weeks of being closed, Hair Hut in Fulton is open and ready for business. But, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says hair salons and barber shops could reopen during Phase 2, which is expected to start Friday.

Owner Chandra Carvey says she couldn’t wait any longer.

“It feels great to see all of my people,” said Carvey. “I have plenty of people calling that have been waiting to come in.”

Carvey re-opened her hair salon in Fulton for the first time since March 21.

“I have to pay my bills, as does everyone else in this world,” said Carvey. “I have two mortgages, two car payments, insurances for three buildings.”

Carvey has her own protocols in place to keep everyone safe.

“I’m doing appointment only, giving myself up to a half-hour to clean up,” said Carvey. “I ask everyone before their appointment, ‘Are you feeling well? OK. Then we can have you in here.’ Face masks are up to the individual person. I believe that’s your right to wear one or don’t wear one.”

Carvey will also provide masks for those who want one, and there will only be two stylists working. She says she’s not worried about any potential penalties.

“I need a written warning to close my business,” said Carvey. “I’m a tax-paying city. I’m well. This has blown up way out of proportion.”

However, Fulton’s mayor says it’s important to follow the governor’s plan to protect people’s health.

“I’m disappointed that anyone would want to move forward outside of the phase plan,” said Mayor Deana Michaels. “I understand why, but I don’t agree with it. I think if we just waited a few days, I’m confident our region is doing everything we need to get to Phase 2.”

Michaels says city officials are taking a proactive, educational approach.

“We’re going to inform our businesses of what the right next steps are in accordance with the guidelines that are put out by the Governor’s office, and then we’re assessing each one individually,” said Michaels.

Michaels says owners could also face consequences from the county and state.