As beaches across the state reopened for Memorial Day weekend, some elected to stay closed, including the one at Sylvan Beach. But visitors there still hit the sand throughout the holiday weekend.

What You Need To Know

  • The village kept the beach closed due to difficulty enforcing state beach guidelines

  • Hundreds of neighbors still hit the sand for the holiday weekend

  • Village officials want to ensure visitors are safe

"To close our beach and to keep people off it is virtually impossible, physically impossible. We have over 20 different access points to get to the beach, plus the water,” says Sylvan Beach Mayor Greg Horan.

Last week, the village announced the beach would stay closed for the holiday due to difficulty enforcing the state’s beach guidelines.

Nonetheless, the mayor says there were hundreds on the sand at some points during the weekend.

"From what I could see, I don't know, if I had to stab at a figure I'd say maybe 800 to 1,000 people," said Horan. "Now that's not good."

But with neighbors still visiting, the village wants to make sure they’re safe when they do.

"If the people are going to come to Sylvan Beach, regardless of what we ask them to do, we need to try and be in a position to be able to protect them as best we can,” said Horan.

The village is hoping to reopen the beach at some point in mid-June, when restaurants would be given the green light to resume service with a limited capacity. But that date will be dependent on coronavirus numbers staying down, and restaurants have to wait until the region enters phase three of reopening.