COVID-19 has kept people from going to the doctors office, but more people now have access to doctors at the touch of their fingers.

The number of Americans trying telemedicine has doubled during COVID-19, according to a new Mower study. Dr. Angelo DeRosalia, Urologist and CEO of Associated Medical Professionals of NY, has had 6,000 virtual visits just in the past two months. He wasn't sure his patients would like it at first, he said.

"You're not actually in the room with the patient, and that clearly changes the dynamic,” said DeRosalia. We'd have trouble electronically connecting, and we'd have trouble just emotionally connecting."

But he says even his oldest 85-year-old patient has taken to telemedicine.

"Everyone has adapted to it, regardless of ages,” he said.

AMP piloting self-scheduling, like making a reservation at a restaurant on OpenTable. From the comfort of your own home, or your office at work, you could meet with your doctor at a moment's notice. 

"That's one less barrier in the time-crunch world we live in today,” said DeRosalia.

Telemedicine will never fully replace going to the doctor's, he said.

"There's no substitute for a thorough physical examination, it's like a cornerstone to practicing medicine,” said DeRosalia.

Even in our post-COVID world, telemedicine will definitely be used as a screening tool, he said.

"It's been a great thing, something that's definitely here to stay in the future."