A summer staple in the Mohawk Valley is on hold. Monday afternoon, the Saranac Brewery announced on social media that Saranac Thursdays and other concert events would be canceled until at least July 15.

"Because we just had to postpone the Boilermaker, we felt that we ought to put out that the Saranac concerts and the Saranac Thursdays will be postponed as well,” said Fred Matt, President of the F.X. Matt Brewing Company.

However, Matt hopes the events can resume this summer, "We're hopeful that we'll be able to do something in July, crossing our fingers, but I think it's incumbent on us all to do what we're told to do and be safe. And I think if we be safe, we can get back to normal quicker."

Saranac Thursdays and other events usually draw thousands from the Mohawk Valley and beyond.

"The best part about going to Saranac Thursdays would be able to see people you don't usually see during the winter months, or to see people who are home for a wedding or reunion, that you don't normally get to see because of where they live. Saranac Thursdays is generally speaking a reunion,” said Michael Carney, who tries to attend several Saranac Thursdays a year.

The events also help benefit the local United Way, "How do we make sure that things like United Way don't get cut? In a time when the need is greater, now more than ever,” says Matt.

When Saranac Thursdays are given the green light to resume, they, like other events, could look different.

Matt says, “I think that, like everything coming out of this, it will change."

But the brewery, like many in the community, is looking forward to when the events can safely return.

"I truly cannot wait to have a beer with, anyone who wants to have a beer with me, I'll be more than happy to have a beer with them when we can, and when we can safely,” said Matt.