More than 2,000 people received two gallons of milk at Destiny USA. The Dairy Farmers of America and American Dairy Association Northeast teamed up to help those in need.

“That’s in addition to 2,000 gallons of milk we donated this morning to the Syracuse City School District and also 1,000 gallons to the senior living community,” said the Nichole Owens, Dairy Farmers of America communications manager.

Organizers say farmers don’t want their excess supply of milk to go to waste. They’d rather donate, than dump.

“Community is such a strong value for Dairy Farmers of America,” said Owens. “Our member farmers work so hard every single day to produce a nutritious food, and this is just a small way we can give back.”

People can also express their gratitude by saying ‘thank you’ or buying dairy products.

“If you do see limits on dairy food in your supermarkets, please let the dairy managers know that there is no supply issue,” said Owens. “By being able to purchase as much as consumers would like, you’re actually supporting a local dairy farmer.”

Many people say they drove away with more than just milk.

“Hope,” said Westcott. “Hope for everybody. Hope we’ll be back soon. Hope it doesn’t come back again.”

“A renewed sense of community,” said Owens. “And that people are here to help each other.”