Americans could see more delays in receiving their stimulus checks according to tax professionals.

Many Americans started seeing their direct deposit today from the government while others cannot even track their payment. The IRS tracking system is having issues as well.

Ron Pratt, a certified professional accountant in Liverpool fielded more than 50 phone calls from clients early Wednesday morning all concerned about having the stimulus money in hand. 

"It appears that if you have received government checks in the past few years or a tax return through direct deposit you are getting the stimulus money quickly,” said Pratt. “If you have not filed your taxes or you have had to pay taxes, even through direct withdraw, your check could take longer."

If you are someone that has not received a tax refund or social security benefits through direct deposit in the last few years you should set up your account on, Pratt advises. He warns though the IRS website is moving very slowly due to a high demand right now, adding it is best to do it in off-peak hours like early morning or overnight.

Pratt says not to worry, the stimulus money is not like the small business loans.

"The money is not going to run out,” Pratt said. “The PPP program is first come, first served. The stimulus is for every American. You will get your money. It may take weeks, and it may come in the mail even. But you will get the payment. Just be patient."