Trinity Valley Dairy in Cortland is bringing back a decades-old tradition. Every morning they are getting up and delivering milk to homes across the region. It’s something that hasn’t been done in years but it’s helping the farm stay in business and people at home stay safe.

Carl Savino has lived through the depression, World War two, and now at 92-years-old, he’s witnessing the return of the milkman.

“I’m one of those that’s in that length of, you know have to have minimum exposure,” said Savino.

He and his wife Olga, have been using Trinity Valley Farm's drive thru pick up service.

“Our groceries, our milk products and they have plenty of other things too,” said Savino. ”So we’re happy about that so we don’t have to go to the stores.”

And now, the farm is making deliveries.

“We bottle by 9:00 a.m. and it’s on your doorstep by the afternoon,” said Trinity Valley Dairy owner Branden Brown. “We try to keep it fresh as possible.”

In their third week of home deliveries they’ve had 200 orders. That business is helping to make up for losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“When everything started shutting down, we we’re getting pretty scared. We didn’t know what the future would be,” said Brown.

In that short time, they’ve already expanded, dropping off food to Dewitt, Jamesville, Ithaca, and Dryden. They deliver to each area on a designated day.

In addition to milk, they have other food essentials, even some from other local businesses. 

“The great part is people are home now, we drop it we leave, they come pick it up. It’s a great way to utilize the home delivery with very little interaction,” said Brown.

Orders can be placed online or by phone.