The Governor put out the word — asking for health care professionals from all over the country to come help treat the sick in New York City.  

Several medical professionals from the Rochester area are now answering the call. Strong Memorial Hospital is sending 15 emergency medical workers downstate to help.  

The doctors, physician assistants, and nurses will care for patients in Northwell Health's medical facilities.

URMC Emergency Medicine Chairman Dr. Michael Kamali said the response will be beneficial for both sides.

“Not only can we support Northwell and provide some relief to its overtaxed system, but our team will bring back valuable knowledge that can be shared across our own community to help us prepare for the point when our own numbers increase,” said Dr. Kamali.

Registered nurse Olivia Goodwin from Rochester is also helping. She's in New Jersey on Monday just starting her work to help the overtaxed system of patients downstate. She says she'll be there for about a month.

The VA Western NY Health Care System sent five nurses from the Rochester area down to New York City on Sunday. They're headed to the New York Harbor Health Care VA. Administrators say this kind of response happens during emergencies within the network that serves more than 76 counties.

Additional medical professionals are expected to keep answering the call. Spectrum news hopes to talk to some of them about their experiences when they return.