It can be a bit overwhelming to try to follow what's happening locally, statewide, and federally. But some of our federal representatives took time Thursday to give an update.

"These are unprecedented times that we're going through now. For our workers, for small businesses, and right now it's very much all hands on deck," said Congressman Anthony Brindisi.

Representatives Brindisi and Elise Stefanik held a joint phone briefing on Thursday, and Rep. John Katko held a call too, updating locals.

They say a lot of questions are coming in about federal funding for individuals and business-owners.

Brindisi and Stefanik offered advice to businesses relying on tourism.

"These companies should apply to the various business programs included in the bill, including the paycheck protection program and the emergency disaster loans. There's also various tax incentives in the legislation," Brindisi said. 

"It's written in such a flexible way so that you are eligible. We want to encourage everyone who is need right now to apply, regardless of what your industry is," Stefanik said.

Katko said the Defense Production Act should be expanded.

"I initiated a letter to the administration with Brindisi, I think, arguing that the Defense Protection Act should be used to get more PPE, or personal protection equipment, and respirators to the frontlines," said Katko.

Katko said he's also pushing to have more PPEs and test kits brought to rural areas.