Protests continued at Syracuse University Wednesday.

Some students spilled onto the streets Wednesday evening, blocking the intersection of Waverly and South Crouse for roughly two hours during rush hour.


The protests came after the #NotAgainSU movement expected a meeting with university officials after a two-and-a-half hour meeting that took place Tuesday night.

It comes as some SU students have participated in a sit-in inside Crouse Hinds Hall since last Monday.

Syracuse University released a statement following Wednesday’s protests. While the university says a Wednesday meeting was not scheduled or confirmed, they wish to continue the dialogue with students.

”The University remains hopeful that we can come together with student protestors in good faith,” said the university in their statement.

A representative for the university also said a 45 minute meeting took place Wednesday afternoon between three student protestors and a faculty advisor.

SU says student protestors have been invited to a meeting that will take place Thursday morning at 11.

The Syracuse Police Department also released a statement after responding to the protests. “The Syracuse Police remind that blocking vehicular traffic is not only against the law, but it is unsafe and could limit the ability of the public to travel to essential medical services.”

The #NotAgainSU movement has continued after racially biased incidents that began last semester.​