Census partners continue to inform the community of just how important taking the 2020 census is but do you know where you child or senior family member should be counted?


According to Census workers, anyone living in "group quarters" should be counted where they live. 

Group Quarters refers to any place where multiple people are permanently living for any point in time. That means your college student whose dorming or family member living in a nursing home should not be counted in your household but at their facility. 

They say it's wherever they live most of the time, not if they're a dependent.

"They still may be a dependent, as far as tax is concerned, but we want to know where they live now," said Census Partnership Coordinator, Amy Brombos. 

Census worker say, while of where you're counted is where you live "most of the time," there are exceptions.  They say if you have questions, use April 1 as the reference point for your household.