Some Syracuse University students are still unhappy with campus culture.

The #NotAgainSU movement started in November after a series of racially biased incidents, and the students say their voices are not being heard.

They began another sit-in Monday afternoon inside Crouse Hinds Hall where dozens of students are united. #NotAgainSU chose the location intentionally. The building holds administration and admissions offices.

"This movement is not about isolated incidents of hate,” said one student who wanted to remain nameless. “The administration has proven its complacency in the spreading of white nationalistic ideology. The movement is about changing the systems of oppression that have plagued our campus."

The students began protesting last semester after racist, anti-Semitic, and hate filled graffiti repeatedly showed up on campus. They want the administration to make the campus more inclusive. Their list of demands is growing, from 18 to 24 requests.

"#NotAgainSU intends to spark the paradigm shift this campus so desperately needs and usher in a new era that values the lives, experiences, presence, and voices of black and underrepresented students on campus,” said a student who didn’t provide her name.

SU administrators say they have addressed a number of the demands. They update their progress online.

In a statement, SU officials say they are committed to lasting change, saying in part:

"We appreciate those in our community who, over the last several months, have come together in collaborative, constructive and respectful ways to advance tangible solutions that create a safer, more welcoming and inclusive campus environment.... Syracuse University is a stronger community when all individuals, from across campus representing diverse backgrounds and perspectives, have a seat at the table."

Students say they won't be satisfied until all of their demands are met, and they want the chancellor and others to resign by Friday. If not, they say it will be clear their peaceful protests aren't working, so they will have to change tactics.

An independent advisory panel will be on campus this week. They will review SU's diversity and inclusion initiatives and recommend new programs, policies, and initiatives.