Drivers traveling through Butternut and Grant in Syracuse, can soon expect a change of pace.

"From what now is I would say is a confusing intersection to most of the people and we're hoping to put in a traffic signal with a four way intersection to release some of that confusion [and] help pedestrians cross,” said Mark Budosh, a Barton & Loguidice Consulting Engineers associate.



It's called the "Butternut Street Dig Once" Infrastructure Project. City officials and engineers say there will be construction from Butternut Circle to Hillside Street.

"We're going to be full depth reconstruction of the pavement, curb line, sidewalks,” said Budosh. “Everything will be within the right away."

They'll also replace the underground infrastructure and improve the green spaces.

"The main line under Butternut Street was put in 1908-1910,” said Joseph Awald, Syracuse Water Commissioner. “Water services on that street are lead services that we'll be replacing as part of this project."

Many neighbors are in favor of the changes, like Gilda DiCapiro.

"I travel that route every day,” said DiCapiro. “I'm very careful and very aware, but I can understand for some people they just aren't quite sure what to do. I think it will be very good. I'm happy."

But others think there may be a better alternative at the intersection, than installing a traffic light.

"Everybody wants to beat that light,” said John Przepiora, a Syracuse resident. “They need to look at more roundabouts because intersections at right angle, the accidents can happen at high speeds and cars come right together. If you're going around the circle, you can go a little slower."

Project managers are taking residents’ concerns into consideration and have a final design by April. They plan to begin construction this summer and complete it by spring 2021.