A Central New York piano teacher is getting a big honor.

Fayetteville's Amy Heyman was recently inducted into the Steinway and Sons Piano Teacher Hall of Fame.

Melodies float through Heyman's living room every afternoon. She leads about a dozen private lessons a week and teaches at Syracuse University.

"The reason for a piano lesson is to teach a student to practice at home,” said Heyman. “That's the main reason, because if they don't do it at the lesson, they certainly won't do it at home correctly." 

Heyman mixes theory, technique, and repertoire in her lessons.

"So you know where your second fingers go?” Heyman asked a student. “It's easier to go out with your second fingers than to come back in."

Students are quick to find their rhythm.

"I probably want to make it slower, because I think I'm going too quick," said Heyman’s nine-year-old student Nicky.

More than 30 years into her teaching career, Heyman got noticed for her passion.

"Once you've been around for so long, you're going to eventually get an award, right?" said Heyman.

Heyman is one of 43 honorees inducted into the Piano Teacher Hall of Fame. Her name is on a plaque at the Steinway and Sons factory in New York City.

"Oh, it’s a great honor, because I enjoy teaching so much,” said Heyman. “It's a cherry on top."

She knows the importance of a good teacher. It's in her blood.

"My grandmother was my big mentor,” Heyman said. “She taught piano for over 50 years ... I think she would be proud and she would be happy for me that I'm still teaching and enjoying it."

The owner of Artist Pianos nominated Heyman for this award.