Syracuse University students are returning to campus after two weeks of racist graffiti and bias incidents.

"I personally experienced some stuff,” said Syracuse senior Jonathan Lee. “I thought some things are being surfaced little by little but then I saw events that were just-- that were crossing the line and I thought, 'this thing is getting too extreme.'"

Before the holiday break, students participated in a week-long sit-in and the university chancellor agreed to meet their demands.

"Even walking down New York City, I don't get that feeling. But here, on a campus I thought was really safe-- it was a different experience," said Lee.

"No matter where I come from, I think I won't agree with such activity," said Syracuse graduate student Borui He.

Though it was radio silent on campus while students were on break, Chancellor Syverud sent an email to the campus community. In it he reminds students that the Department of Public Safety doesn't publically report all incidents on campus.

He reveals a new bias incident reporting protocol where all reports will be available to see on an independent web page.

"Because it has been silent for a while I kind of feel more comfortable right now, that's why I'm walking outside but still in the back of my mind I still have that fear, that ongoing fear," said Lee.

"It's much more normal than before but to be honest but when I first heard of such activity I didn't feel-- I'm not very afraid of such people," said He.

For now students, are hoping life will go back to normal.

"I just hope this whole incident-- we get past this whole incident and we become a better campus overall," said Lee.