With Syracuse's first snow fall, walking to work soon won't be an option.

"A lot of people don’t have transportation,” said Angela Gadley Bennett, a bus passenger and employee. “A lot of people don't have cars."

For some people without cars, there's only one place to turn.

"A lot of people the only transportation is the bus," Bennett said.

Bennett says the bus is her main line to work, and if she misses it, she’s out of luck.

"You have to go somewhere warm until the next bus is going to come," Bennett said.

While taking the bus is one form of transportation, apps like Lyft are making it easier to get to and from work.

"Oh that's going to be very helpful for a lot of people," said Bennett.

"That will expand the opportunity for employment, definitely," said President, Founder Staff Works Inc. Anita Vitullo.

The partnership was announced by Onondaga County through their JobPlus program and is the first of its kind in New York State. The program aims to assist employees who work beyond the bus line and even allows for stops to drop off children before work.

Vitullo says regardless of how employers get there, it’s important they get there.

"The important thing is being able to get to work,” Vitullo said. "Employers are going to have to get more creative on how they can help people get to work."

"I encourage it. I really do. It would be a lifting off a lot of people,” Bennett said.