The things people worked for, the things people loved, are all on display as they're sitting on the curb. However, sitting is one thing many people aren't doing right now. Instead, they're stepping up.

"This is just what you're supposed to do in a community," said Tracy Synakowski of Poland.

Synakowski is helping a friend with three children who had to leave town for a family commitment. She's helping save items from their Middleville home in case it needs to be condemned.

"For me, it's because this community was here for my husband and I and our kids when our house burnt six years ago. Like, just overnight the amount of donations, and the help and support was astronomical for us, and this is a tight-knit community so everybody is always here for everybody," Synakowski said.

Synakowski is getting help too from the American Red Cross. They're stationed in Newport, providing services like counseling, and supplying water and clean-up kits.

One of the volunteers is registered nurse Jane Wenham. She's been helping out for six years and knows the importance of their services or even a follow-up phone call.

"Just being able to help them with immediate assistance gives them a sense of hope and some relief," Wenham said.

"This helps get it started with the amount of food he's had to throw away, and the clothes and everything," Synakowski said.

Those affected can visit a Disaster Assistance Service Center to learn more about the services being offered or call 211. New York State Office of General Services Commissioner Roann Destito said efforts are ongoing to get an application into FEMA for funding.