Number 32 has scored 32 times this season, so it’s a common sight for the Comets and opposing defenses. Fombo Azah's second home is the end zone.

"It's gone pretty crazy to be honest with you,” said Azah, a senior running back at Carthage. “We were expecting it because of the amount of work that we've put in, but at the same time, we've exceeded our expectations, so it's pretty great."

Fombo's runs have been as winding as his path to Carthage.

"There's Germany,” said Azah. “There's Virginia, Korea then here, so that's four. Four places, yeah."

Like many in the North Country, Fombo's dad was in the military. He settled in New York in fifth grade. Since then, the Comets have benefited.

"Younger kids look up to him,” said Jason Coffman, the Carthage football coach. “The older kids love being around him. He's a good leader by example and he's a great player all around."

Fombo's personality is fire like a Comet. He's the captain of the football team, a section champion wrestler and embraced by his classmates. He credits his unusual childhood travels.

"Just being able to see different types of people, different parts of the world and all that, it really does a lot for people,” said Azah. “It just gives you a very open mind and a different perspective on things."

That perspective that has Fombo dreaming of a career with the FBI. For now, his sights are set on a section title.