Brick and mortar stores seem to be disappearing by the day. A long time business in the city of Ithaca is saying goodbye. The Bookery is closing shop, for good.

“But it's like a bygone way of being to buy a book and have it wrapped in brown paper and stamped with ink,” said Mandy Goldman, an employee of The Bookery, “We do feel very nostalgic for that.”

A used book store is still cherishing the simple ways of life.

“Going to a book store is like sitting in a place that feels sort of like a library, sort of like a museum, and then taking a little piece of that home with you,” said Mandy Goldman.

It’s a piece of book lover’s paradise, created by Jack Goldman, 45 years ago.

“He definitely deserves to retire, is what we keep telling people,” said Mandy Goldman.

Jack’s time with the store is ending.


 “This store has been, I can only imagine, one of the great labors of love of his life,” said Mandy Goldman.

This is the final chapter for The Bookery in Dewitt Mall. It’s closing, at the end of November. It’s one of fewer and fewer places, where you can take the book off the shelf, and look inside, before you buy.

“It’s not easy to keep a bookstore open, anywhere, in any community, against amazon, in the year 2019, but Jack held onto the store,” said Mandy Goldman.

A book store, soon to be, another business, perhaps for decades, like The Bookery. The Bookery has thousands of books left to sell, and is open every day until they close in late November.