When it comes to limiting how kids can get access to vaping products and flavored tobacco, Governor Andrew Cuomo says working with Connecticut makes sense.  

"Why wouldn't New York and Connecticut work together? We are neighbors. We have the same problems. We have a common border. We are better together than we are separate," Cuomo said.

Cuomo traveled to the Connecticut governor's mansion in Hartford on Wednesday to meet with Governor Ned Lamont, a fellow Democrat, as part of a multi-state effort cracking down on vaping usage amid public health concerns.  

"Whether you ban all vaping products and whether that leads more people to the black market, the illegal stuff that's even more dangerous, I want to do more research on this. It's still early," said Ned Lamont (D) Connecticut governor.

Cuomo this month announced a ban on flavored tobacco sales in New York as reports of people sickened by vaping in the state and around the country  continue. Next year, Cuomo wants to ban vaping  advertising directed at kids.  

"Estimates are 40 percent of high school students are now vaping. I mean, it's extraordinary. So, the kids are getting them. It's also true they are being marketed to children," Cuomo said.  

And the two governors discussed marijuana policy and how to avoid competition between the two bordering states if retail cannabis is legalized.  

"What age are you thinking about? What is the THC content that you are allowing? What is the tax rate that you're going to charge so literally people don't shop forums by the tax rate," Cuomo said.  

Cuomo also plans to discuss the issues with New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy.