When emergencies happen, we rely on first responders to protect us. But with tragedies sweeping the nation, law enforcement needs to ensure they’re prepared for anything.

That’s why authorities from agencies state-wide are participating in the annual Excelsior Challenge.

It’s an opportunity to undergo drills on numerous emergency scenarios, ranging from an active shooter to a bomb threat.

By coordinating with different agencies, participants hope to master communication and coordination if any of these events happen.

Joseph Commissio, a police officer for the Syracuse Police Department says, "If you get to deal with it and you get to talk about it before it happens, that's how much better you can be at addressing that situation."

In addition to responding to emergency situations, law enforcement from Charlottesville and Baton Rouge were invited to attend. They hoped to share their experiences with their respective tragedies in an effort to better train local authorities.

First responders also participated in tactical training drills to ensure they’re ready for whatever may happen.