With less than two months until he's scheduled to stand trial on charges stemming from the Russia special investigation, political consultant Roger Stone is in Buffalo raising money to help cover his legal fees.

"It is estimated that the cost of my legal defense could be as much as $3 million," he said.

Stone will be speaking Friday night, not about his trial, but rather the 2020 presidential election. An ardent supporter of President Donald Trump, he said next year will not be easy for the incumbent.

"I think the greatest obstacle to the president's re-election is the overconfidence of his supporters. I expect this to be a very hard fought, down to the wire, close race for a number of reasons I'm going to outline tomorrow night," Stone said.

But one of his closest friends, Western New York political consultant Michael Caputo, will not be at the event.

"I can't discuss that right now other than to say that he's a good man although we're not allowed to speak at this moment," he said.

Stone and Caputo arrived at the Buffalo airport Thursday within an hour of each other but didn't cross paths. Caputo said the man he considers a big brother can't talk to him because of a sealed court order and they haven't communicated since late-January when Stone was indicted.

"They're denying Roger his rights," Caputo said. "I think they're just simply trying to isolate him. I'm not a defendant in this trial. I'm not an unindicted co-conspirator in this trial. I'm not even a witness in this trial but somehow or another, my best friend is not allowed to talk to me."

Caputo said after consulting with his attorney, he's exercising an abundance of caution and staying away from the Buffalo event. He said he's frustrated but doesn't want to put Stone in jeopardy by communicating with him in any way.

"It would be contempt of court and I don't understand what's inside this court order," he said. "I just know that the prosecution is way overstepping its bounds here."

Stone said he will be handicapping the Democratic presidential field Friday. He said he wants former Vice President Joe Biden to emerge but believes Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is the more formidable candidate.

"I would bet on Senator Warren," he said. "I think she's coming on. The question is whether the Democratic establishment can continue to prop Joe Biden up."

Stone said he believes Trump will win and wants to help him in 2020, but with his trial creating uncertainty, he's not sure if he'll be able to contribute directly to the campaign.