A special summer camp gives kids a chance to deal with their feelings of grief after losing a loved one.

Kids between the ages of six and 18 all took part in Calvary's Camp Compass, located at Kingsborough Community College. It's organized by Calvary Hospital in the Bronx.

Campers came from all over the city to get help from counselors to better understand their feelings and to cope and heal from the death of a family member.

A camper that we spoke to had a little advice on how to help kids dealing with grief.

"Take cues from the kid because I know even though we can all - at group and at camp- have similar experiences; we're all also very different. Some kids love talking about their loved ones. Some just want to, you know, have fun and be distracted," said Sophie Mode.  

The week-long camp is free for the kids and teens who take part in a bereavement support group at Calvary Hospital.