It's unclear why Wheelie the Kitten's back legs are paralyzed, but it's clear that the community is supporting him.

"The person that we picked him up from said that they thought somebody may have sat on him when he was a kitten, but somebody could have pulled his tail. We're just not sure," said Clinton Pet Vet Rescue and Sanctuary Director of Operations Mare Clarey.

For not being able to use his back legs, four-month-old Wheelie Swanson gets around pretty well.

"He will scoot around on his front legs, and he flies. He goes faster than some of the other kittens do," Clarey said.

The Clinton Pet Vet bought a wheelchair online for Wheelie to help with his mobility and to build up strength in his back legs. However he will outgrow it.




"The ones off of Amazon are not made to grow with a cat or a dog," said Clarey.

Wheelie is expected to grow out of his current wheelchair in a few months, and the people over at Mohawk Valley Community College want to help when that happens.

"We think that we'd like to have something that can adapt as the kitten grows," said Mohawk Valley Community College Engineering, Technology, and Trades Technical Assistant David Smith.

The new wheelchair will be made with the college's 3D printers.

"With the equipment we have here we can quickly create parts, try them out, put them together, and go through a lot of variations until we get what we want," Smith said.

"For them to be so willing to help us, and not charge us for it, that's huge because we are a nonprofit," Clarey said.

There is hope Wheelie may be able to use his legs one day. The rescue staff has seen a little movement in his tail and legs, but until that time, he'll have a new wheelchair to make getting around a little easier.

Those interested in helping Wheelie can visit the Clinton Pet Vet Rescue and Sanctuary this Saturday. They're celebrating their two year anniversary from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. You can make donations there.

Mohawk Valley Community College's Fabrication Lab also takes 3D printer requests from the community.