Friends and family said goodbye to the Romulus native who died in a festival shooting.

A funeral service was held Thursday morning for 25-year-old Trevor Irby. He was one of the victims of the California Garlic Festival shooting.

Tally McDonald said goodbye to a lifelong friend Thursday, one that she has known since she was four. That friend, is Trevor Irby. They both grew up in Romulus, and went to college together.

Tally spoke at his funeral at RomulusCentral School’s auditorium this morning.

"Trevor is someone that it takes nothing to understand the kind of person he was and if you knew Trevor you would know he was an amazing person,” said Tally McDonald.

Trevor has a presence that couldn’t be missed if he was in the room.

"A superstar, he would walk into a room and he would want to beat you in everything there was. Anytime  a competition that was going on and he wanted to dance and sing and have as much fun as he could with everyone that was there and always made everybody feel as though they mattered as well,” said McDonald.

His life can’t help but be missed now that he’s gone.

"Laughed all the time was always smiling, and it just is really so unfortunate that his life was cut short,” said McDonald.

His life was cut short while attending a festival on July 28 in California, where he recently moved. A man shot and killed three people, including Trevor.

"To have it be someone that you knew, and have it be something that happened 3,000 miles away from home, is absolutely so different than anything that's ever happened because it really shows that you're never safe, you can't go to a concert anymore, you can't walk into a movie theater, you can't go anywhere,” said McDonald.

Some people wore Steelers jerseys to Thursday morning’s funeral. On the field, not all of his friends are Steelers fans. In life, everyone, is a fan, of Trevor.

Irby was a Keuka College graduate who studied biology.

A GoFundMe has been setup by Trevor's family.