Changes are being made at one of Binghamton University's dining halls to better serve students.

The 55-year-old Hinman Dining Hall will be undergoing renovations, which means it will be out of service for more than a year. Since that's where the school's Starbucks is located, the BU is investing in an almost $300,000 Starbucks truck.

Staff tell us the renovations are much needed for a dining hall that serves 1,500 meals a day.

"We don't have restrictions on where they can go eat. So all of our dining halls are their dining halls. They can use their meal plans in our retail spaces also, and they can also use it at our new Starbucks truck — which we will be putting into Hinman community. It will be arriving next Monday," said Jim Ruoff, district manager of Dining Services.

The Starbucks truck is expected to be up and running by August 18. Construction is planned to start this fall, with hopes of being completed by Spring 2021.