Two gun control measures were signed into law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday that ban devices that help guns mimic automatic fire and extending the waiting period for prospective gun buyers who not immediately approved for purchase through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

“For too long gun violence has plagued communities across our nation and while the federal government turns a blind eye, New York continues leading the way forward to protect our families and our children,” Cuomo said in a statement.

“By signing these measures into law we are strengthening our nation-leading gun laws – banning devices whose sole purpose is to create the most bloodshed in the shortest timeframe and providing law enforcement the tools they need to stop firearms from falling into dangerous hands.”

Both bills dovetail with gun control legislation approved in February by the governor that prevents people who are considered a danger to themselves or others from possessing a gun.

The ban on bump stocks was first called for after a shooting at a concert in Las Vegas in 2017 that killed 58 people. The shooter was believed to have used a bump stock that allowed his gun to fire more rapidly into the crowd.

“Law enforcement and gun violence advocates have been resoundingly clear – there is no legitimate reason for any individual to possess a device that is capable of turning a legal, semiautomatic firearm into a fully-functioning machine gun, and yet the Federal Department of Justice estimates that 520,000 bump stocks have been sold just since 2010,” said Assemblywoman Pat Fahy.