They might not be flying to the moon, but some Central New York students can imagine it. 

"I mean who doesn't aspire to be an astronaut?” said Andrew Heagle, marketing and communications coordinator at the MOST Museum in Syracuse.

The MOST hosted a national NASA challenge Saturday. Students from grades three to 12 simulated lunar landings.

"They were given all of these materials and [some] free reign on how they [went] about the challenge,” Heagle said.

And they had a blast.

"We're all very laid back,” said Leah Demauro, space commander for the team Bears in Space. “So we like to just take it slow and stuff, and we like to goof around a little bit when we're doing it, but we get the practices done."

But, it wasn't always easy.

"It's always stressful,” said Syris Dwyer, science officer for Bears in Space. “And getting everybody to calm down and get their right mind on the task at hand."

All of the students who competed, built their own robots and learned how to fly drones. Bears in Space snagged the winning title, and the team members received a pretty big prize; an all-expenses paid trip to Houstin, Texas.

NASA is giving them a tour of the Johnson Space Center. Dwyer is glad he didn't turn down the opportunity to compete.

"When they told me about it I was like, 'Yeah definitely count me in,’” he reflected.

And now Dwyer can get his foot in the door with the space agency. When asked if he’d like to work for NASA one day, he said: "Yeah, I think so. It'd be cool. Cool job."

A job that some might say is out of this world.