Bianca Devins, 17, was an internet star with thousands of followers. That's how she met 21-year old Brandon Clark.

Two month into their relationship, police say Clark documented Devins' murder online.

"Far more people can be reached now more than ever before,” said LeMoyne Director of Criminology Alison Marganski. “People are tweeting and sharing content — which can lead to secondary trauma and repeat victimization."

Marganski says Clark's behavior fits the profile of other violent male offenders.

"He's probably doing this type of behavior to communicate to others that he is tough, he uses violence because he was emasculated in some way - maybe he was rejected, experienced humiliation, shame, or other feelings of failure that resulted in his use of violence as a way to restore power," said Marganski.

As for the followers reposting the images, Marganski blames the sensationalism of violence. But in order to gain some control, local representatives are calling on the federal government to step in.

"I think there is a role here the government can play to address this issue, I'll be interested in seeing in some of this regulation as it moves forward," said Congressman Anthony Brindisi.

Brindisi says there are a number of pieces of legislation that would help to regulate what's put out through social media.

"Obviously you have to balance First Amendment rights but you can do that while still putting more regulation in place on social media companies to make sure they're following the rules and not letting information that’s dangerous or harmful getting out to the public," said Brindisi.

While the spread of graphic photos shows the dark side of social media, many used the platform to show support to the family. #RIPBianca was a trending topic with thousands of people offering condolences.

"Until we take the time to really reflect on the pain and suffering that's experienced by families, friends, and communities in the aftermath of trauma and adversity, not much will change," said Marganski.

Bianca's family has set up a scholarship fund in her name, which is in the care of the Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties.