The future of I-81 still remains a little confusing for many. 

The DOT has named the Community Grid as it's preferred alternative to the viaduct and it wants to make sure people are clear on what that means. 

"I think the number one misunderstanding is how the grid would function if it were built. A lot of people don't understand that we would still have high speed traffic," said DOT Regional Director David Smith.  

Though many residents in suburban areas are concerned that traffic won't keep moving with the grid option. 

Some are particularly concerned about the Fayetteville off ramp heading onto route 5. 

"You have waits at those stop signs that are three or five minutes because it's so backed up and now you're adding additional traffic," said Minoa Resident Mike Pedey.

But the DOT sees these meetings as a chance to effectively move forward and make sure all are heard. 

"The engagement here has been very good and I would encourage people to keep coming out," said Smith.