After six years of pushing for clean electricity , the Town of DeWitt will start running on a new source of energy.

"We're going to be off the grid by 2020 by solar,” said Sonia Kragh, a Town of DeWitt resident and Sierra Club member. “That's an immense accomplishment."

The Town Supervisor says the former landfill near Cedar Bay Park will transform into a solar farm.



"All of our buildings and facilities, water pumps, sewage treatment pumps, all of our street lights, anything that consumes electricity that is owned and operated by the Town of Dewitt will be solar power,” said Town Supervisor Ed Michalenko.

The construction begins this month and will be completed by next year.

The supervisor says it will benefit taxpayers while protecting the planet.

"It's projected we'll save over $2 million over a 20 year window for electricity costs and we'll save about $75,000 each year,” said Michalenk.

"Hopefully, keeping fossil fuels in the ground,” said Kragh. “No more oil, no fracking, no pipe lines, no coal, no bad air to breathe. Our air is going to stay clean with solar."

The next goal is to build a community farm so houses and businesses can start using the renewable energy as well

"They made a very aggressive pledge to have 100% renewable energy in all sectors by 2035,” said Kragh. “That's well in advance than any other community and state. To really to try to tackle 100% in all sectors that's including heating and transportation, really indicates that their heart is behind us."

"My grandchildren will look back at the burning of fossil fuels like we look at riding horses for transportation,” said Michalenko.

The supervisor says DeWitt is the first town to separate itself from using fossil fuels for electricity in Central New York.