At the corner of East Colvin Street and Comstock Avenue, a group of volunteers gather every month. Sunday, the Syracuse chapter of the WeLoveU Foundation picked up trash and weeded the playground.

They've adopted Comfort Tyler Park, so it's their responsibility to keep it clean — especially for their children.

"It's very important because it keeps them safe from sharp things, dirty things, and contaminated water," said Wolky Estevez, a volunteer.

The group is built on taking care the planet through the love of a mother. But fathers have love to give, too. Estevez came from Watertown — without his daughter — to spend his Father's Day cleaning.

“I don’t mind,” Esetvez explained. “She will understand later why I am doing it. And she will be very appreciative to that. She's like, 'Dad thank you for that. You sacrificed but you did it for the future, so me and my friends can play in the very clean park.'"

The group is out in all seasons, no matter what Mother Nature throws at them. They shovel snow in the winter and rake leaves in the fall. A wet, soggy Sunday didn't derail their plans.

“We're out here trying to cheer up the community, too,” said Ryan Dieudonne, a volunteer. “When the people see it's raining like this and we're still out here, it moves them even more."

The group is planting the seeds for future generations, because actions speak louder than words. They are role models, the way they learned from their elders.

"To be a strong model for my daughter, it will show her to be a leader for her classmates,” Estevez said. “It will show her to be a leader to her friends. To always take the first step in sacrificing and doing the extra so she can be better and make them better."

It starts with working on the park, one bag of weeds at a time.

The Syracuse chapter of the WeLoveU foundation has been cleaning the park for about a year. They got involved through the city's Adopt-a-Block program.