As some experts try to deflect blame away from Plan 2014, some home and business owners will be cheering this news.

Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich said he was told by a local representative that the International Joint Commission will propose the suspension of the controversial Plan 2014, which regulates the flow of water through the Great Lakes.

Reilich said on social media Tuesday that Congressman Chris Collins informed him incoming chairwoman Jane Corwin and U.S. commissioners will call for a meeting to suspend the plan.

Many have pointed to the adoption of Plan 2014 as contributing to the shoreline flooding from this year and 2017, causing massive property damage. 

It would take four votes to suspend Plan 2014. It's not clear what kind of support the request would receive from Canadian commissioners.

Last week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo demanded the international body reimburse New York state for costs associated with flood recovery, and make funds available for additional protective measures.

The IJC released a statement Wednesday afternoon, saying:

"IJC Commissioners are concerned about the flooding that is occurring this year and have focused their attention on gaining an understanding of the situation through visits to affected areas and expert briefings.

To address the immediate situation, the IJC’s International Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Board has increased the Lake Ontario outflow above the flow specified by Plan 2014. The flow is at the historic maximum rate. This is being done under the Board’s existing authority to deviate from Plan 2014 flows. The Board is setting Lake Ontario outflows as high as conditions on the St. Lawrence River will allow.

IJC Commissioners will meet in the near future to consider additional potential flood relief measures, as well as the performance of Plan 2014. Modification or suspension of Plan 2014 would be part of a longer-term process requiring the IJC Commissioners to reach consensus and the Governments of Canada and the United States to provide their concurrence."