For the people of Sandy Pond, it’s a living nightmare.

“It’s just horrible. The damage this has been wreaking havoc with everyone’s lives around here,” said resident Kate Hall.

Lake Ontario’s high waters continue to cause flooding problems for those along the shoreline.

Many are comparing this year to 2017 when flooding caused devastation to homes and businesses.

But this time around has the Dromgoole family feeling hit harder.

“Two years ago, you thought it was going to be done. Here we are two years later and it’s going to be worse,” said Sandy Pond resident Karin Dromgoole.

Her and her husband Jim have owned their camp along the lake for more than 50 years.

“All we do is come up here and fix things,” Jim said.

They received funding from the state due to the damage in their basement and sea wall in 2017. In April, repairs using that funding had almost completely finished but flooding washed it all away again.

“All this funding is for almost nothing. We’re almost in the same boat as 2017,” Karin said.

The waters are so high this year that they haven’t been able to get their dock in the water. They have two sump pumps that are constantly running to drain out water from their basement.

“We lost a lot two years ago. We got mostly everything out. We still have a foot of water in the basement,” Jim said.

The Halls nearby say they don’t have flood insurance because they’ve never dealt with the issue in the decades their family has owned the camp.

“It’s very frustrating. Our summer, once again, is destroyed,” Kate Hall said.

Officials say the lake levels have likely peaked in the last week and will likely recede, but the damage already caused is making a season that many look forward to a disappointing loss.