Despite a strong campaign from environmental advocates and government entities to promote green building, many people and businesses resist green building design and sustainable construction management. 

"Unfortunately, there’s a lot of inertia in the marketplace and there’s a lot of existing buildings that need a retrofit but we have the knowledge, the skills and the technology to make great buildings today," said Rick Alfandre, architect. "People are initially focused on cost. They think it’s too expensive or potentially too complicated."

The green building proponent has to overcome inertia, cost fears and consideration of other major factors.

"So many parts of green design including the insulation quality, the sound quality or the air quality really promote health," Jeffery Domanski of Hudson Valley Energy said. 

For some, national security might be a concern and the benefits of a solar array might resonate with them as a way to reduce dependence on foreign sources of oil.

"Control over their long-term finances can be really important so if we can couch the conversation into those broader values that somebody wants to make sure that they have control to get those values that are important to them," Domanski continued. "I think that’s how you can make progress trying to convince people starting with the facts."