In the wake of another attack at a place of worship this weekend, local religious leaders are making plans to step up security.

Rabbi Yaakov Rapoport isn't taking any chances after the synagogue shooting in California.

"The amount of events that are happening all over, not just Jewish institutions, all over, needs to be stopped, something has to be done," said Rapoprt. 

He's taking action by making plans to be more prepared and increasing security. 

"We're having discussions among all the different chabad centers here in Central New York with security liaisons all over," said Rapoport.

But, the religious leader doesn't want to give details. Their concerns are that the new security protocols can get into the wrong hands.

"Yes we have had meetings about this, and will continue to have meetings about this and we are in the process of reassessing,” said Rapoport. “We are in the middle of some security upgrades and will have to take stronger measures than we took until now."

He's not the only one thinking about it. Pastor Justin Hood of Brewerton United Methodist Church has had updated security measures in place, for the past couple of months.

"We would change our protocol to have our doors locked at all times, and we have a buzzer system now and we usually have someone at the door maning the door," said Hood. 

While both say security is needed, both express their sadness that it's come to this.

"I think religious institutions are not immune to the same type of realities that everyone else is. And being purdent about safety, being intelligent about safety are some of the best ways to protect the people we serve with," said Hood. 

“We have to do what’s necessary for security and safety," said Rapoport.