SYLVAN BEACH, N.Y. -- Some Sylvan Beach residents are scrambling to find a place to live.

Families at the Mariner’s Landing Park in Oneida County got a letter from the Oneida Nation, ordering them to move.

“It’s like we’ve been hit by a tsunami and destroyed our homes and now FEMA is not around to help us,” commented Mariner's Landing Mobile Home Park resident Gabriel Creo.

Mariner’s Landing is a quiet mobile home park in Sylvan Beach. Now a letter sent to residents is stirring up a lot of noise. It says they have to move.

“We are to vacate. They said the mobile homes need to be removed in five months, October 1st," Creo said.

The Oneida Indian Nation, who owns the land, plans to redevelop it, create more accessibility to the marina, and allow more people to enjoy the location.

“We are enjoying this land because it’s our home. And it’s a just a slap in the face to increase our rent in January,” said resident Joan Cerio.

Residents said they understand the Nation wants to redevelop the land, but they said this is devastating.

“There’s a disabled veteran here. He has a cane. He’s in his 80s. He’s 88 years old," Cerio said. "Where is he going? How do they start over? He’s on a fixed income. And a lot of these places can’t be moved.”

“One, we should at least try to get an extension and given some reasonable more time and two, we are losing our homes. So we don’t want to get rich but we should be compensated,” said Creo.

An Oneida Indian Nation representative said the timeline to implement this plan was delayed in order to give tenants six months to make new arrangements. The nation also said it will waive the last month’s rent.

Residents are planning a meeting for next Monday night to talk about their concerns. They said more than 30 people live at the park year round.